Class Information

Classes, classes, we’ve got classes!!  We always try to have something for everyone, from beginner to advanced and everything in between.  There are sooooo many good classes to take in this line up.  Your learning potential is through the roof!

We ask that when you sign up for a class, you pay for it.  In person or over the phone are your options.  If you cancel, you have up to 3 days before the date of the class to cancel for a refund.  If we cancel, you get a full refund.  We have to insist on this policy, it is the only way we can keep things running smoothly.  We also request that you sign up for classes.  A lot of our regulars just show up for their usual class or club.  We sometimes have no idea who is or is not coming or if the class has enough people to run.  This makes for a lot of last minute running around and organizing.  We can manage enough last minute on our own without any more help!!

We have classes and clubs.  Supplies for classes are 10% off.  On the day of your class you receive 10% off all of your shopping, not just class supplies!  Clubs receive 15% off the day of the club but not ahead of time on supplies.  The clubs in the schedule have the word club in the description. 

See you in class!

Class List

The Class Schedule is finally here,

Now is certainly the time to cheer.

There are many classes for you to take,

All with fabulous projects to make.

When you find a class in which you would like to be,

Please, in advance prepare to pay your fee.

Don`t leave it until the last minute,

Chances are you won`t get in it.

If we have to cancel because of too few,

There will be absolutely no cost to you.

If you should cancel without 3 days warning,

Your wallet is going to be in slight mourning.

A class that you take gets you 10% off,

Money to go towards food in the trough.

A regular club however is 15% more,

That’s 15% off just to come through our door.

Please do make your class arrangements ahead,

Or you may arrive and find the teacher still in bed.

You may bring your lunch and use our kitchen,

No need to go out—saves time for more stitchin`.

Our classroom temperature goes up and goes down,

Be prepared for both and you won`t have to frown.

We are excited for you to come and play,

Class signups start today!

To sum it up...

Please call or visit to register ahead and be prepared to pay when you sign up.  Don`t leave it too long as the class may fill quickly or be cancelled if not enough interest is shown.  If we cancel you get a full refund.  If you cancel with less than 3 days notice you are not refunded your class fee nor can it be applied to a future class.  Class supplies specific to the class project are 10% off anytime before the class.  On class day you receive 10% off everything in the store.  Clubs receive 15% off everything in the store on the day of the club.  Please be sure to sign up for classes and clubs and not just arrive, assuming it is running.  We have a kitchen that you are welcome to use for your lunch and snacking needs.  The classroom temperature varies—cold to hot so be prepared!  



Beginner Sewing - Novice 

Rosemary Stuart
10 am — 4 pm
April 30 (cancelled) New dates TBA

Not a quilter? That’s ok! 

We are bringing in a home sewing class.  In this class you will create an easy decorative pillow.  You can make it super simple or learn how to jazz it up a bit.

Basic understanding of your machine.

Beginner QuiltingNovice and Up

Sally Borland
10 am — 4 pm
$60— 3 days
April 24, May 8th and 29th

Care to try your hand at quilting but just aren’t sure where to start?  Have you tried your hand at quilting and now would like a bit of help?  This class is just what you need.  You will get a course on cutting and piecing in this 3 day class while making a very simple table centre  piece or wall hanging.  Learn the basics that you need to get started.  Give it a try and see if you like it.  Sally will have you hooked in no time!


Scan & Cut 101 - Beginner and up

Debbie Camack
10 am — 4 pm
$75 — first class free* if you purchased your machine at Country Concessions

No current dates scheduled but let us know if you are interested

This is the best Scan ‘n’ Cut class around.  You will finish up this class with so many creative ideas along with the knowledge of how to achieve them.  This class was originally done in only one day, but we decided to spread it out over two so you can digest your first day information, practice up a bit and come back with some skill and hopefully questions.  

Quilt as you Go - Beginner

Christie Davidson
10 am — 4 pm
February 22—more to be announced

Quilt as you go with sashing technique class.  Learn how to use sashing to join small quilted sections together to form a large quilt. 

Binding Basics - Beginner and Up

Christie Davidson
10 am — 1 pm
March 29, more dates to come.

Everything you ever wanted to know about binding, even the stuff you didn't know that you needed to know!  Christie is a binding master.  She has likely bound more quilts than most of us have even seen.  That might be an exaggeration but you get the idea.  If it is binding, she knows it.  Come and learn how to finally finish that quilt off for good!  Different methods will be discussed.

Mastering Machine Applique Class - Beginner and Up

Trish Roussel
10 am — 4 pm
$60—Two classes
March 13 & 27

This two day class is all about mastering the basics of machine applique, then stepping it up with lots of fun  ways to make your projects special with thread/stitches/embellishments.  Join us to learn some new techniques and to have a lot of fun. A great time to get to work on those Canadian Mystery blocks!

You must have an open toe applique foot.

Learn EQ7 - Beginner

Sally Borland
10 am — 4 pm
Future dates available.  Let us know if you are interested.

Electric Quilt 7 or EQ7 as it is commonly called is the premier quilting software available.  It is a program that assists you in designing a quilt from beginning to end and all the layers in between.  It can do very easy simple designs as well as extremely intricate layouts.  It is an excellent tool and resource. 

Students will learn to use EQ7 on their own laptop.  Different design aspects will be covered as well as colouring and printing.  You will also learn to draw your own blocks and put them into your own designs.  This class includes a trial version of EQ7 that allows you try it and then decide if you want to purchase it. 

What you need: Laptop with Windows XP, Windows Vista,  Windows 7, or Windows 10.

CD drive and USB port

750 MB of hard disk space

Students need to come in shortly before the class to have the program installed on their laptop. 

Westalee Ruler Foot and Templates Quilting System - Beginner and Up

10 am — 2 pm
April 27th

You have been waiting for this class.  Remember that ruler foot and template set that you purchased?  We are now going to teach you how to use them!Join us for 4 hours to become a semi professional quilter.  We will walk you through getting comfortable using these templates.  This is a technique class that has you practice, practice, practice. 

Free Motion Quilting for the Absolute Beginner - Beginner and up

Christie Davidson   
10 am — 4 pm
March 30th

The name says it all. If your sewing machine is capable of free motion and you have never tried it, then this is a class for you.  If you have tried free motion but still need some help, then this class is for you.  If you just can’t get the hang of free motion and have some questions about it, then this class is for you.   Practice makes perfect and this will give you that chance!  This class is a technique class and you will not be working on a project.  

Confident Beginner

Duffle Bag - Confident Beginner

Christie Davidson
10 am — 4 pm
March 31st

This pattern has been a run away seller from the fist person we showed it to!  It is a great bag that is made in a very easy logical way.  Piecing, quilting, putting in the zipper and finishing it off is a snap.  Choose any of the three sizes to work on. Change up the fabric, do coordinating handles, own it! 

Beginner Machine Quilting - Confident Beginner

Sue Dimmell
10 am — 4 pm
April 28th

This class will have you finishing up your quilt tops like a pro! You will learn a number of ways to lay out and baste your top to the batting and backing in a variety of ways. Marking your quilt top will be covered showing you many different ways to accomplish this. You will learn how to use your machine to stitch in the ditch, follow marked lines, channel quilt, cross hatch and a few more. This class is about techniques and practice. You will not be working on a finished quilt top but small samples that you will learn on and that way you will not accidentally do something undesirable to a quilt top before you get enough practice!You will need a walking foot for this class.

Miss Muffet’s Tuffet Class - Confident Beginner

Carol Mason
10 am — 4 pm
Class: $20 two classes
Kit: $145.98
April 15th 10—4, Other dates will be added throughout the year. 

Come to the store and sew your own tuffet top during any or our paper piecing club sessions.  This will take a day.  The next class will be an evening (or weekend) class to put the whole thing together! This is going to be soooo fun.  The cost is going to be $20 for the class with Carol and $145.98 for the, pattern and tuffet parts.  Totally worth it.  Look what you get…

Side Kicks Anonymous - Confident Beginner 

Sally Borland
10 am — 4 pm
April 22

A class dedicated to using the Side Kick ruler, your choice of pattern. 

Urbanologie a QRC Pattern - Confident Beginner

Sally Borland
10 am — 4 pm 
$20—per class Last Wednesday of the Month: March 22, April 26th, May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, August 30th

Work on this brand new modern quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful, there are several different layouts you can use. This class requires the pattern and mini QC ruler.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter - Confident Beginner

Christie Davidson and Carol Mason
10 am — 4 pm
$20—three classes

May 14th, May 24th, and June 11th Chocolate and peanut butter, wine and cheese, paper piecing and machine embroidery - an irresistible combination. Come and try it out using Judy Niemeyer's Confetti pattern. The first class with Carol to learn paper piecing. Second class with Christie for the embroidery and half day third class to learn how to set in the circles. 


Free Motion - Intermediate 

Christie Davidson 
10 am — 4 pm
$60– 2 classes May 20th and 27th

Have you  been practicing your free motion and/ or Westalee rulers? Here is your chance to expand your skills. This quilt is built using 20” squares that easily fit under your domestic machine. Each square has many small areas to practice different motifs! 


Tea and Company (Club) - All Levels

Christie Davidson
10am - 4pm
$20 per class
1st and 3rd Friday of the month

Call this day what you want…UFO, Sit ‘n’ Stitch or Sewing Club. The idea is always the same. Bring a project (or two) to work on, away from the hustle and bustle of home and join us for some tea and company! Christie will be on hand to give any help needed and get you over any hurdles to completing your project. Tackle a mitred border, get those inset seams mastered or simply chain piece until your heart is content.  Sign up for one day or come every time.

Sit and Sew

Nualas NeedleAll Levels

Nuala Evans
10 am — 4 pm
$20 per class
2nd and 4th Tuesday 

Join Nuala is her fantastic personal project class!

Wishing you could finish up that quilt or bag pattern you've been struggling with? Bring it in on the first or third Tuesday and sit and sew with Nuala Evans to guide you through piecing to quilting your masterpiece.  

Breakfast Club - All Levels

Sue Dimmell
10 am — 4  pm
Third Wednesday of the month

This is a great group of ladies that come out once a month to work on their own projects together.  Often there is a demo of a handy new tool and sometimes that becomes the project for the next month.  There is a tonne of creativity and support among these quilters and they happily welcome new people to participate as often as they can.  Need a little help with something?  The amount of quilting experience on hand this day is almost second to none, take advantage of it!  It is a very fun day to spend sewing/quilting and making new friends.

Tucker Time Club - Confident Beginner and Up

Sue Dimmell
10 am — 4 pm
First and third Monday of the month 

This is an ongoing  monthly class that will teach you how to use all of the Studio 180 rulers you have tucked away somewhere in your sewing room. We want to show you what to create with them. You will use at least one different ruler each month and become a pro at using them. Once you master the technique of each one you will be able to use them more often in your quilt making for easy precision piecing.  Sue will have her rulers available to use in class if you are on the fence about purchasing them.The Studio 180 line of rulers includes the Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer, Square Squared, Corner Beam, Corner Pop, Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star, Lemoyne Star, Diamond Rects, V Block and Split Rects. 

Come to class and see what we are going on about!

Hand Work Club Beginner and Up

Judy Cotter
6 pm —9 pm
Fourth Thursday of the Month

Come and learn a new skill , brush up on your hand work or just work on a project with some fellow hand work lovers.   It is a great way to spend an evening.  Judy is  a whiz at all things done by hand and can get you to professional status in no time!

Embroidery Club (Machine) - All Levels

Christie Davidson
10 am — 4 pm
First Wednesday or Third Sunday of the month

Join the fun! This is a great class to either start using your embroidery machine or improve on your skills and knowledge of embroidering. Each month you will work on a new project or technique. There are so many great ideas and new projects to work on you will be amazed.  Some of the techniques may include cutwork, free standing lace, In the Hoop projects and working with software.  We specialize in Pfaff  and Brother sewing machines but you can join in if you have another kind. Christie is always willing to try to help you out if you need it.

6D and Premier Embroidery Software - All Levels

Christie Davidson
10 am — 4 pm
First Saturday of the month

For those of you who are lucky enough to have 6D Embroidery Software, this class is for you.  Christie has learned this program practically inside and out.  Come to class once a month, with only your laptop and learn like crazy!

Paper Piecing Club - Beginner And Up

Carol Mason
10 am — 4 pm
First Thursday of the month - Beginner/Refresher
Third Thursday of the month - A pattern of your choice
First Sunday of the month - Mixed Beg & Int Work Session

We think we have come up with a great way to get everybody     paper piecing as well as offering the flexibility of working on most any pattern/project that you want.  You will start off your paper piecing  journey on the 1st Thursday of the month in our “Beginner” class.    Carol has expertly designed and drafted a pattern for you to work on.  It is perfect to learn or to brush up on your skills.  Once you have graduated from the Beginner/ Refresher class, you are able to then make virtually any paper piecing project you wish.  Carol assures us that this will take no time at all, perhaps only one class.  

Marti Club - Confident Beginner and up

Nuala Evans
10 am — 4 pm
Fourth Sunday of the month

We have had some sort of Marti Michell club going on  for quite some time now.  They have worked on several different projects using Marti Michell templates.  The templates are  a fantastic series of tools that help you to cut and therefore piece perfectly.  They are excellent and will have you piecing so much more accurately than you thought possible.  Come out and join the club!